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Our professional inspectors have ensured the safety and compliance of thousands of buildings since 1990.

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Our trained inspectors use a checkoff system that is comprehensive and based on real time requirements.

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Compliance and Safety is the service we provide. Our trained inspectors use a checkoff system that is comprehensive and based on real time requirements. Our staff of trained professional inspectors have ensured the safety and compliance of thousands of buildings since 1990.

Building owners are responsible for filing boiler inspections for properties with six or more apartments and for any boiler that serves a commercial establishment regardless of how many apartments they serve. Failing to comply the with annual inspection and filing requirements may result in fines up to $1,000 per boiler. Because some properties have several boilers, fines can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Boiler Inspection Division is not a city agency and we take our responsibility seriously. We keep our customers updated on the latest requirements and send reminders to make sure they remain compliant.

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Obtaining final approval for a new boiler installation in New York City has become an overly specialized and regimented task. City inspectors are constantly updating and focusing on new items. Unless you install at least 52 boiler per year, you dont have the benefit of knowing what they required last week and your attempt to get a final approval can become time consuming.

We offer the following consultant services to the trade:

1. Need help sizing a new boiler or have other issues you need to consult with. Our experts can save you time and money and you will have all your answers before you start the installation.

2. Finished installing the boiler and are ready to call the City for final approval. Don't call them just yet. Let our friendly consultants look over you installation first. We can save you the time, expense and frustration by pointing our something you just missed. After we finish, you know you are ready to call the City.

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Since 1990, Boiler Inspection Division has been contributing to the safety of New York City’s residents by providing quality boiler inspection services. Boiler Inspection Division has become New York City’s leader in boiler inspection services by creating and employing the most advanced mobile field and back office software applications available in the industry.

Our company pioneered the Electronic Data Transfer, or “E-filing,” of inspection reports and data in conjunction with New York City’s Department of Buildings. These advancements have led to increased efficiency and accuracy throughout the agency’s business operations resulting in unsurpassed quality in the services we bring to our customers. All inspections are filed electronically for speed and accuracy, directly into the NYC Department of Building computers.


Why does the Department of Buildings (DOB) require that my boiler be inspected annually?

In accordance with Local Law 62/91 and Chapter 31, Article 7, Section 204 of the New York State Labor Law, all boilers, except those listed under the exceptions, must be inspected annually by an authorized boiler inspector.

Who is required to file an Annual Local Law 62/91 Boiler Inspection?

If you own a commercial, mixed use, or six (6) family or greater building containing a boiler, regardless of BTU, then you are required to file an annual boiler inspection with the Department of Buildings. You are required to file annually with the Department of Buildings if your property has a boiler operating 350,000 Btu or above, regardless of building use or occupancy.

Why does the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) require me to renew my registration/certificate to operate every three years?

In accordance with Title 24, Chapter 1, Subchapter 4, Administrative Code Section 24-122(d) "an operating certificate for equipment, except refuse burning equipment, shall be valid for a period of up to three years from the date of issuance, unless sooner revoked or cancelled." DEP found that re-inspecting combustion equipment on a three year cycle is generally adequate for auditing emissions and ties the renewal date to that inspection.

What happens after the repairs have been completed?

The boiler owner should have the repaired boiler re-inspected by an authorized NYC boiler inspector to affirm all defects have been corrected. Also, the BO-13 must be signed and affirmed by the inspector and submitted by the boiler owner to the NYC Deparment of Building with 45 days of the original survey date.

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